The original in splash proof, water proof camera housings

New math for action sports photographers

Control back + Node + Port(s) = Slant-X 

Shown are the 5D Mark II, 7D and 5D Mark III control backs mating with the Essex Node and a 70-200mm front port.

If  you want to use two or three different cameras in a housing, you don't need separate housing systems.....Only a separate control back.




Essex artwork

"Welcome to the Essex Crew"

Every Essex customer hears this and it is because the Essex crew consists of photographers from all corners of the globe and from the shores of the Seven Seas. We're in this together and Essex takes its duty seriously. Our duty is to provide you with the best, most technologically advanced surfhousing™ at an affordable price.

Essex is proud to announce the release of the Essex Nodal Surfhousing™ System, otherwise known as the Slant-X™

The Slant-X™ system divides the surfhousing in to two rather distinct, yet equally important parts. The Control Back is camera specific, built to be specific to a particular camera whether it be Canon or Nikon. The Node is a constant feature that acts as the base upon which the Slant-X surfhousings system revolves around. The Node accepts various control backs, front ports and accessories such as pistol grips and other soon to be announced add-ons.

Essex Node


It all starts with the Node.

The Node is the building block of the Slant-X Nodular Surfhousing System.

"The Future is Unwritten"

The Node accepts the Control Back and Control Backs are specific to a particular camera. 

The Node also accepts our line of Lens Ports via a bayonet mounting system machined out of T-6061 aluminum and hard anodized for a long, corrosion free life. A stainless steel spring loaded locking pin keeps the lens port securely in place until it is time to change out the port.

Accessories such as our industry standard two-stage pistol grip also mate with the Node as does our ground breaking back focus pistol grip. We are working on designing other accessories such as a L handle and flash option that will enhance and extend the Node's capabilities.


Two stainless steel Rotary Wing Latches on either side of the housing are used to keep the two halves together. When in use, the wings fold flat and lock in place in order to keep a low profile. The wings will not flap around during your session and the hardware is out on the sides of the housing and not "in your face". Other manufacturers have not grasped this concept and are still making their housings with hardware and sharp corners / edges placed in a dangerous location. The backside of your housing should be a safety zone, not a danger zone.

Essex 7D Control BackThe Control Back secures your camera.

The camera sits on the control backs shelf and is anchored via a thumbscrew in to the cameras tripod socket. Once mated, the control back and the camera act as one and becomes a rock solid entity. There is no movement of the camera to throw off the responsiveness of the controls

The push button controls on the back of the control back are low profile and are built in to the walls of the control back to save space. When a control requires the use of a knob, we use a low profile, low durometer rubber control knob of our own design and which we manufacture ourselves. Our control knobs continue the legacy of our face friendly design. Glands, which hold an o-ring that seals the control shaft of a control, are also built in to the wall of the control back and this saves space and helps to maintain a low profile. We pioneered the use of utilizing the hidden space that is available in the wall thickness of a housing. Other housing manufacturers attach their glands, hardware and controls to the outside of their housings and this only makes for a danger zone.

Only Essex offers you a truly face friendly zone. 

7D control back 




We call it the control back because virtually all of the controls on the camera can be accessed via the control back. Our years of surfhousing™ manufacturing experience is built in to each and every control back.







From Left to right, the 5D Mark II control back, the 7D control back and the 5D Mark III control back. Each control back will mate with the Slant-X Node, giving you the freedom to choose the right camera for the job at hand without having to have an entire housing system and set of ports for each camera. 

7D 5D Mark II and 5D Mark III Slant-x control backs




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